Green Nike Windfly Pants

A bunch of posts after this one will probably be finds shared by tylerdurden from ShinySports. :) Here’s a pair of green Nike Windfly pants. I think this is a pretty rare color as I’ve never seen it before until now. Looks pretty shiny too! :)

Stayer Women’s Black Tracksuit

This awesome looking tracksuit is made by a company called Stayer, which I think is a Russian brand. I’m not sure if people outside of the area can buy these but most of the stuff seems pretty expensive. Most everything comes out to at least $100 when you put it through a currency converter. Still, it’s a shiny tracksuit. Enjoy! :)

Adidas Missy Elliott Respect Me Tracksuit

I’m sorry for my absence guys. I was in the hospital for awhile then I had some computer problems again. This laptop has just sort of been barely holding on for the longest time and I can’t afford a new one. Anyway, I should really get back to posting some stuff. :) These aren’t anything new but I thought they were good pictures. It’s the Respect Me tracksuit by Missy Elliott. I think they’re really similar to the Chile 62 stuff Adidas has. I’ve seen a few pictures of her tracksuits in the usual woven polyester style as well but I’m not sure where they’re sold. Let me know what you think! I got these photos from xx.sporty.girl.xx‘s eBay page.