Women’s Shiny Black Puma Jacket

Just a nice jacket I found on a… Ukrainian website I think? I don’t think it was even for sale anymore, they just had the product page still there. It might be part of the Puma Move series that I think was only available in Europe/Asia. I have some more pictures of that I’ll add later. Enjoy! :)

Black and Red Women’s Puma Jacket

Just another random find online. A very slick looking windbreaker jacket from Puma. Sorry I don’t even remember where I found the photos for this one. I should really write down where I get them from. :|

Puma Move Woven Pants

Puma Move Pants/Capris

I love the look of these. Something tells me they have the shine but not the noise, which I prefer. Wish I could still find these for sale somewhere. They used to be on Nelly but of course by the time I found it, it was out of stock. I don’t think they were made of nylon, I’m guessing polyester. They came in 3 lengths, capris, 3/4, and full length. Anyway, I hope you like the photos I found. Make sure to comment if you’d like to see more!