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Small updates to the blog

Hey! As you may have noticed I made a few updates to the blog. I guess you can kind of tell I couldn’t sleep last night. Anyway, there’s a new…

Alison Brie Adidas Jumpsuit
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Alison Brie in Adidas

Just a couple pictures and a video of Alison Brie wearing an Adidas Fafi Jumpsuit that was for sale I think three or four years ago. I think they’re pretty…

Katy Perry Adidas Photo Shoot 1
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Katy Perry Adidas Photo Shoot

I thought I’d posted these before but I guess I forgot to. I don’t know why I thought of this so early in the morning… but anyways… here is the…

Eva Longoria BBSP bebe Sport Tights
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bebe Sport Tights

I think this picture is pretty old but I thought it was a really unique set of tights. The woman in the photo is Eva Longoria (probably most recognizable from…

Holly Valance Nylon Pants Close Up
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Holly’s Mystery Pants

I found theses pics of Holly Valance wearing some mystery nylon pants. For those unfamiliar with her, she’s an actress/singer. Wish I knew what brand they are! If you happen…