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Hello World, as they say in those old programming tutorial books.

I’m just a girl that loves the look of the older kind of sportswear. I also like how comfortable they are. I also think clothes that are reflective or shiny look unique, although I’m aware it can look a little tacky. It’s really annoying to me that sports fashion for women has shifted to where it has to hug every single curve on your body. I know what my body looks like. Tighter clothing might make my butt a little nicer for guys to stare at, but it’s not comfortable. Workout wear seems to be progressively getting tighter and more revealing as I get older. It used to be okay for me to wear a pair of baggy old Adidas out in public but now it feels like people are looking at me like I’m out in my pajamas.

So that’s what this blog will be focusing on. Maybe some old pictures I find of sportswear to remind me of the good old days when it was okay to wear it or new stuff out there I see for sale, that I probably can’t afford. Apparently it’s vintage now or something? Oh Fashion, you crack me up sometimes. Well anyways, enjoy!

31 thoughts on “About Me

  1. nylonsex81 says:

    Hi, i realy like this blog.
    Its a shame i didn’t see this befor.
    And i realy like your statment you make about shiny nylon clothes sure to see a nice but is good but to see one clad in shiny nylon is way better.

    greets from a big nylon lover..

    1. stromgirl92stromgirl92 says:

      Thanks for reading and stopping by! :)
      It’s actually pretty new… someone helped me set it up.

      1. nylonsex81 says:

        Thanks i will.
        are there any pics on here of you wearing shiny nylon clothes?

        1. stromgirl92stromgirl92 says:

          Haha, not yet. I haven’t decided if I’ll post photos of myself wearing sportswear on here…

  2. M says:

    Love the blog!
    Do you like polyester track pants or just nylon?

    1. stromgirl92stromgirl92 says:

      Depends on how it looks/feels, so I guess both. :) Thanks for the comment!

  3. Silky says:

    Thanks for posting the blog, you have some great finds. I’ve taken a liking to unlined nylon pants and shorts recently – they are so comfortable for lounging around or even sleeping.

    1. stromgirl92stromgirl92 says:

      Thanks for reading! They’re good for lounging but I wouldn’t sleep in them. They get way too stuffy. :P

  4. Keir says:

    Thanks for promoting my pics, I’m the guy who sells the shiny champion tracksuits on ebay!

    1. stromgirl92stromgirl92 says:

      Oh hey! :) Thanks for taking those pictures, they look really great.

  5. Josh says:

    Hi stromgirl !
    Do you know something about the Foloufo Asam 2008 tracksuit?

    1. stromgirl92stromgirl92 says:

      Hi Josh :) I’m afraid I don’t know specifically which one the 2008 is… I know I posted pictures of a Asam tracksuit but I don’t know which year. I think I found the pictures on Taobao awhile ago.

  6. gearfoxy says:

    Hi Stormgirl, whatever you are a real or just a profile from the reel, your blog is kinky, kewl and kicking !!

    Thanks for making mindmelting,

    g e a r f o x y

  7. Hey, love the blog….Check out my site, dedicated to original adidas photos

    1. stromgirl92stromgirl92 says:

      Thanks, will do! :)

  8. james says:

    I like shiny athletic clothing and just picked up a pair of shiny adidas calsurf type shiny track pants from japan i also have items by champion and nike and its all got that shine to it which looks great great blog and I will check it out again.

    1. stromgirl92stromgirl92 says:

      Hi james, thanks for stopping by. :)

  9. Jonathan says:

    Hey its JonBr84 – Love the blog. Can you send me any info pertaining to your banner. Are those shorts still being made? would love to order a pair. Appreciate your interest and work in this lovely fetish and fashion.

    1. stromgirl92stromgirl92 says:

      Hey there :) I don’t think they’re still being made but you should be able to find them on auction sites. They’re Adidas Stella McCartney shorts, probably from the Run Performance line they made in 2013. Hope you find a pair!

      1. Jonathan says:

        Thanks for the reply. Do you have any vintage nylon? Should post pictures of what you have. I’ll send some shortly as i just got new stuff in.

        1. Jonathan says:

          Found the shorts. Turns out they are poly. Love the look still. Just prefer nylon. Whats your collection

          1. stromgirl92stromgirl92 says:

            I don’t really have a collection, mostly just collect pictures I guess lol :)

  10. Jon says:

    thought i’d share these ones that i found

    1. stromgirl92stromgirl92 says:

      I don’t know if those are the same ones as the one in the header but they look pretty close. Thanks for sharing! :)

    2. Jon says:

      Ah yea. I have a collection of items and pictures. Over 8000 pictures. Let me know easy way of sending.

  11. kevinjacky says:

    Hi stromgirl92… i’ve been into wearing shiny nylon track pants since I was a teenager, I love wearing shiny stuff but as you say, people tend to look & laugh these days, which make me feel sad & dissapointed this world is so spiteful & stereo type, I mean, since when do girls have to wear pink & boys blue!! Anyway, I love the fact that you are younger & still love wearing ols skool shiny gear. We are actually started making shiny Nylon underwear on Ebay, as I love shiny Nylon sooo much. Our user name is errwego. Please Check me out, i’m the average model wearing the pants LOL.

    1. stromgirl92stromgirl92 says:

      Hey Kevin, thanks for stopping by :) Thanks for sharing I’ll have to stop by your eBay store sometime!

  12. Tyler Durden says:

    Hey hope to see you on yahoo messenger. I have some great new stuff to show you. Have a great day!

    1. kevinjacky says:

      Hey stromgirl92, thanks for the reply…. & stay shiny!

  13. Hi, if you want some photos for publication, check out my flickr photostream :)

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