Shiny Men’s STLTY Pants

I don’t recall where I found these photos and I’ve never heard of the brand STLTY before, but I thought they looked really nice. I also like that the male model in the photos looks completely average haha. :) Not everyone has a six-pack you know. Let me know what you think of these pants!

5 thoughts on “Shiny Men’s STLTY Pants

  1. Jon says:

    They actually sell these on ebay right now for $99.00. I just bought a similar pair but they are JTS in red. Very shiny and very slick feeling nylon.

  2. Nylon Sade says:

    I like them very much

  3. robert gillam says:

    i love the look of them

    1. stromgirl92stromgirl92 says:

      Me too :) very shiny. Thanks for commenting!

      1. robert gillam says:

        can you text em at 1-574-303-7135

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