Shiny Raincoat Dancing

Here’s a video that was shared on Shiny Sports and thought was interesting and fun. I guess it’s like interpretive dance or something? They seem like they’re having fun though and I like their choice of dancewear. :P Not sure what brand stuff they’re wearing but maybe you can spot something I didn’t. The credits are in the video. Enjoy!

RÖHNISCH / Alba Shiny Running Jacket

Rohnisch Alba Shiny Jacket

Found this on Nelly by a brand name I’ve never seen before, it’s probably specific to Europe. Looks very shiny, wish it had pants to make a tracksuit though. It always seems like there are a lot of shiny looking jackets, especially if you count down jackets and coats, but not very many shiny pants and shorts. I really wonder why that is sometimes…

A couple Adidas Tracksuits

Shiny Adidas Tracksuits

Just a few more Adidas Performance Tracksuits I saw on Wildberries. :) I love the pink color. I really like the shiny detail on the shoulders/collar area. Would love to own these but they’re pretty pricey.