Black and Red Women’s Puma Jacket

Just another random find online. A very slick looking windbreaker jacket from Puma. Sorry I don’t even remember where I found the photos for this one. I should really write down where I get them from. :|

2 thoughts on “Black and Red Women’s Puma Jacket

  1. Nylon Sade says:

    I believe they are from The Puma Faas jacket is very good looking indeed. What I don’t like is the right sleeve, where they have designed a pouch where you can pack the jacket. For me it ruins the otherwise clean sleeve with some stitching. And the insides of the sleeves (the light gray areas) are some kind of stretch material. But the nylon of the jacket is so smooth and shiny.

    1. stromgirl92stromgirl92 says:

      It probably was from Nelly haha. It definitely fits the style of the picture. Thanks for the great extra info. :)

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