Mystery Shiny Pants

These photos are from Wildberries but on the product page for the Reebok yoga top she’s wearing. I think they tend to match brands if these cases but since I can’t see any marking or logos on the pants, I can’t say they’re Reeboks for sure. If you know, say something. :) The top is actually pretty cute too, haha.

Katy Perry Adidas Photo Shoot

I thought I’d posted these before but I guess I forgot to. I don’t know why I thought of this so early in the morning… but anyways… here is the lovely Katy Perry during her Adidas advertisement photo shoot. She shows off those jacket and shorts pretty well if you ask me. :)

Women’s Puma Tracksuit

More Puma! <3 Wildberries for their beautiful photos and models. This girl looks like she’s ready to rock haha. :) This tracksuit looks super casual and comfy. Looks pretty shiny too.