Women’s Nike Nylon Taffeta Side Pipings Pants

Smooth & Shiny Nike Pants

A member from ShinySports showed these to me. They’re very affordable, around $20 depending on where you find it, and from what I hear very smooth and shiny. Although it doesn’t look like it in some of the pictures you’ll see of it online, it seems to just depend on the lighting in the photo. If I didn’t have my eyes set on another pair of pants I would probably buy them. I think the only color they offer this one is in black, with several different colors of piping on the side. Let me know what you think! Gorgeous model too in these photos. :)

4 thoughts on “Women’s Nike Nylon Taffeta Side Pipings Pants

  1. The pants look very nice, but I’m a bit afraid that they are not smooth and shiny enough. Although I believe I would still turn to look after her if she walked past me on the street…

    1. Haha, well I think for modern sportswear it’s pretty good. Closer to the older Adidas at least. There are definitely shinier ones out there though.

  2. I have ones just like them ! Unlined mmmmm…… Just the way we like them super soft and 100% nylon go Nike ! X

  3. Made with sweat-wicking fabric that has some stretch to it, the Nike Stretch Woven Men’s Running Pants help keep you dry and give you freedom to move on a run.

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