Adidas Missy Elliott Respect Me Tracksuit

I’m sorry for my absence guys. I was in the hospital for awhile then I had some computer problems again. This laptop has just sort of been barely holding on for the longest time and I can’t afford a new one. Anyway, I should really get back to posting some stuff. :) These aren’t anything new but I thought they were good pictures. It’s the Respect Me tracksuit by Missy Elliott. I think they’re really similar to the Chile 62 stuff Adidas has. I’ve seen a few pictures of her tracksuits in the usual woven polyester style as well but I’m not sure where they’re sold. Let me know what you think! I got these photos from xx.sporty.girl.xx‘s eBay page.

Men’s Adidas Originals Cal Surf Pants (again)

Hey it’s those same Adidas Originals pants from that video I posted awhile back. They seem to get around. :P Maybe you guys are tired of seeing them, but I’m not, haha. I think I found these pictures on eBay sometime last year but forgot to post them sooner. You know me. Anyway, hope you don’t mind the repeats.

Small updates to the blog

Hey! As you may have noticed I made a few updates to the blog. I guess you can kind of tell I couldn’t sleep last night. Anyway, there’s a new header picture at the top since the other one was getting a little stale, even though I really liked it. I also decided to get on this tumblr bandwagon and see how that works, although honestly it sort of seems like it does the same thing I do here. The biggest thing though is the new gallery! It looks a lot nicer and there’s a nifty lightbox view for it. Also I don’t have to figure out how many pictures to cram into a post so that’s less work for me.

Here’s a little picture of Melanie Iglesias just to keep things exciting.

melanie iglesias Adidas Fafi