Shiny Blue Adidas Originals Pants

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Long time no post everybody :) I hope you’ve all been good and you like this post. It’s one I found awhile back but I’m pretty sure it was on eBay. A very nice pair of Adidas cal surf type pants. Let me know what you think of them. I’ll try my best to post more often.

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  1. Nylon Sade

    Thanks for posting. I have been waiting for your new post. It’s always a joy to read them.
    The pants look very nice and shiny. The guy in the pictures seems to like the pants also…

  2. stromgirl92

    Thanks for checking in Nylon Sade. He certainly does doesn’t he? ;)

  3. Dan Holt

    Hi, great to see your new post. Great to see that the lad in the pictures is a big fan of shiny too. I find it so hard sometimes to hide how excited I am wearing my shiny nylon trackies. 25/M/London

  4. james

    I have a pair of these pants that I bought on ebay they are shiny cool and comfy i just wish the stripes were shiny too but a nice pair of pants but only available from adidas japan as well or from ebay overseas .

  5. Mark

    They were available last year in the Adidas store in London and on the adidas website. I think they were about £45 (although I’ve seen people selling them on ebay for 250!). I bought two pairs for myself when they were on sale. They are fantastic and they are mesh lined. Probably my least favourite, with the best being nylon lined! Still a hot pair of trackie bottoms though!

    • stromgirl92

      Oh, dang. I’m sad I missed that haha. thanks for the info. :) Has Adidas ever done nylon lining?

      • Mark

        Yes, but it was quite a while ago (more than ten years). They did a very shiny pair of navy (or black) ones with zips all the way up the sides. They were lined with nylon and pretty thick. Made lots of noise, so not for the stealthy! I lost my pair during a house move. Picked up a black pair on eBay but they’re quite faded unfortunately.

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