Cute Couple in Adidas Tracksuits

Cute Adidas Couple

Found this photo on shared on ShinySports. I love couples wearing Adidas together, for some reason I just think it’s really cute. :) I hope they don’t mind me reposting this here. If the two in the photo ever happen to find this blog, I hope you guys take more photos!

3 thoughts on “Cute Couple in Adidas Tracksuits

  1. Jason says:

    Looks like they’ll have some fun slip, slip, sliding around together! Could use a little more wet look though, not quite shiny enough for me! :)

    1. stromgirl92stromgirl92 says:

      It’s not as shiny as some of the other stuff out there, but I still love it. :) Thanks for commenting!

  2. MON says:

    I really love this Adidus tracksuit!

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