Men’s Adidas Originals Cal Surf Pants (again)

Hey it’s those same Adidas Originals pants from that video I posted awhile back. They seem to get around. :P Maybe you guys are tired of seeing them, but I’m not, haha. I think I found these pictures on eBay sometime last year but forgot to post them sooner. You know me. Anyway, hope you don’t mind the repeats.

Shiny Men’s STLTY Pants

I don’t recall where I found these photos and I’ve never heard of the brand STLTY before, but I thought they looked really nice. I also like that the male model in the photos looks completely average haha. :) Not everyone has a six-pack you know. Let me know what you think of these pants!

Men’s Nike Resistance Tracksuit

Hey we have our first submission from a follower! Thanks to Tyler Durden (from ShinySports, not Fight Club) letting me post these here. I think they look awesome and really reminds me of the older style of sportswear. What do you guys think?