Shiny Adidas Tracksuits

Shiny Tracksuits from Adidas

I found these pics on a site called Freever (the watermark is on the pics for the site :) ). The woman in the pictures seems to be the only model they have, but she’s gorgeous! There are a bunch of pictures of her wearing shirts where you can see her wearing some black ClimaCool Adidas pants too. It’s too bad the shop probably doesn’t sell to the US, as usual. :(

4 thoughts on “Shiny Adidas Tracksuits

  1. Thanks again for a nice post. It seems that the Eastern Europeans have much better selection for shiny sportswear available. I would like to visit Russia some day and shop some nylon! :)

  2. Thanks for commenting :) haha I’ve thought about learning Russian just to be able to buy from some online stores.

  3. Uggh, ok, that pic needs to be changed tomorrow. Not me, meant as a joke awhile back.

    Anywho, great site stromgirl. If i was to post links to other sites (clothes, not blogs) would i put them in the comment section.

    Ps- not pushing sites, just giving you more material.

    1. Thanks! Sure, you can leave links in comments if you explain what they are in the comment as well. :)

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