Men’s Champion Shiny Tracksuit

Shiny Men’s Champion Tracksuit

Another one for the guys. I didn’t know Champion made anything this shiny. I’ll have to start looking for their stuff again. Found the pics on eBay but the seller is from the UK, and they’re quite pricey. ;_; I’m guessing they’re nylon but the listing doesn’t actually say what the material is. Enjoy. :)

2 thoughts on “Men’s Champion Shiny Tracksuit

  1. james says:

    I bought the blue champion tracksuit from the uk site on ebay and it feels like nylon but the label does not say material type . its very nice has some sheen to it and I enjoy wearing it like all of my other shiny stuff . most of my shiny nylon came from ebay or

    1. stromgirl92stromgirl92 says:

      I guess we may never know huh? :P Thanks for the info!

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