Women’s Performance Adidas Adizero Pants

Adizero! Why don’t they have you in America?

It really sucks they only seem to sell Adizero in Europe and Asia, besides the shoes for some reason. Love the the wide waistband on these. It’s a shame I didn’t see these in black. They look so comfortable. They were for sale on Nelly.com for awhile but it’s a UK retailer.

4 thoughts on “Women’s Performance Adidas Adizero Pants

  1. Adizero is very good material. My wife has pair of Adizero shorts in purple (if you google “adidas katy perry all in” you can see them in the results). I wish I could have obtained the long pants also.

  2. Hi stromgirl92, I have these… they’re very nice! Beautifully soft and shiny with two side pockets. Slightly clingly on the legs. They’re unlined, so VERY wafer thin. I wish I could help you, but like the other pictures you’ve posted, a lot are discontinued. If you need any help, message me.

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