Shiny Blue Nylon Nike Tracksuit

Shiny Nylon in Blue <3

The model just looks absolutely adorable in this shiny blue tracksuit. Well, the little blue gems on the sleeves I could do without, but otherwise I love it! Too bad it doesn’t have a hood, it looks like it’d hold up well for running in the rain. I wonder if this is nylon or polyester. It looks so shiny though.

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    1. Gasp, my first comment :) It was on Taobao sometime last year… I tried to buy it but didn’t have any luck. The stores would say they had them online but when you actually tried to order they would tell you they’re out. :(

  1. Hi stromgirl92, yes I was having the same problem as you, it was very frustrating. The material is in fact ripstop nylon shell, but with a plasticized coating, probably polyurethane to create the shine. So yes, quite showerproof but with a nice plastic look and feel.

    1. Wow well I’m glad you got to get a pair. Do you know if these are actually made by Nike or are they just knock-offs? I’ve heard they sell a lot of counterfeit stuff on these Chinese sites before but I’m not sure if there’s any truth to it.

  2. Hi :)

    Hi strongirl :) yes I was told they were genuine by them.
    When I received it (the pink one) it was quite a nice tracksuit. Very soft and silky fabric but with a mesh lining interior. It was a bit small for my friend, but she loves it. Fantastic in the sun!
    Like I mentioned, it’s Asian sizing, so the ass and leg sections are a bit tighter :) That’s not so bad you might think, but the length of the arms and legs were too short as well.
    I tried to obtain the largest size, which should equal the average size of about 12-14 women’s in UK, but had to opt for the next size down. Oh well! Pity too about the blue version too, a seller kept messing around with posting it so I missed out on that too.

    Have you managed to get any shiny tracksuits at all?
    J :)

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