Another Nike Tracksuit… but PINK

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How hot is this color? I love it even more than the blue one. Not to mention this model look so damn sexy. I love the shot of her back with her holding up her hair. God I want this tracksuit so bad.

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    • stromgirl92

      Hi Krinu! :) I saw it first on a site called Taobao. I’m not sure if it’s still for sale there.

      • jamesshine

        Unfortunately it’s been discontinued. I did manage to get hold of one, but the zips were awful. There were other colours available too, including blue and white. As stromgirl92 mentions, they were from a website based in China, but with Asian sizing, so they fitted slightly differently.

        • stromgirl92

          What was wrong with the zippers? Like were they just annoying or did they break? Too bad I probably won’t ever get these now haha.

  1. jamesshine

    Hi stromgirl.

    The zips are metal, but crudely made. Certainly not very good. Most sportswear that has zips are made of plastic so it doesn’t have this safety issue. :)
    It is a nice suit though, would love a girl in it!

    • stromgirl92

      Oh, yeah I feel like you only see metal zippers on much older sportswear. I much prefer the plastic kind. On a pair of Stella McCartney pants I have, the zippers are plastic with what I think is a rubber coat. I like it a lot.

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